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About The Next Festival of Emerging Artists

“I can’t express how fortunate I feel to have been able to meet and make music with the wonderful and talented musicians at Music Mountain.  It was a festival full of the most sincere passion for music, with some of the most gracious and talented musicians I’ve ever met, and all in a very intimate, personal, and supportive environment.”
– Violinist, Vanderbilt University

“I enjoyed the size of the program and the freedom we had at Music Mountain.  Unlike most festivals, which have strict schedules and little time for focus on individual students, this program gave us the chance to practice and refine our skills in new and personalized ways. The size of the institute also gave us the opportunity to really connect with the other musicians.”
– Violist, Indiana University, Bloomington

About Peter Askim’s Teaching

“Peter Askim’s approach is instinctive and dramatic – and right on target!  By putting the music first, every technical issue has a motive and an inspiration. Much as Gaudi took his architectural inspiration from nature, Peter Askim believes that the technical solution for every issue we encounter is embedded in the music itself – we simply have to discern it. My violin students have been practicing with a renewed energy and commitment since he worked with them recently.”
– James Lyon, Violin Professor, Penn State School of Music

“I had the good fortune to make use of Peter’s exceptionally generous offer to coach several of my piano chamber music groups during his recent residency at the University of Michigan. He proved to be a master teacher, very effective in conveying structure, textural clarity, musical liveliness, and valuable technical help (especially to strings). He was completely at home and efficiently productively in both familiar and unfamiliar repertoire, and my ensembles benefited enormously.”
– Christopher Harding, Chair of Piano, Associate Professor of Piano and Chamber Music, University of Michigan School of Music

From Former Students

“Peter is one of those rare teachers that has more faith in his students ability to succeed than they do themselves. That faith has been a tremendous asset to me in my life as a professional musician and is something I strive to employ with my own students…”

“I can honestly say that Peter Askim was the teacher who inspired me the most. Besides being a teacher who cared significantly about the well being of his students, Peter pushed us all to reach our highest potential possible–nothing seemed out of reach.”

“Mr. Askim was a terrific source of encouragement and inspiration” to his students. He was great at discovering and helping students to maximize their own potentials. The trust and support one can receive from him was truly precious. He also motivates his students with his enthusiasm for music.”

“In addition to pushing his students he is also incredibly passionate about what he does, and that energy is transferred to the group that he is conducting. Having been involved with music in so many different ways for so long, Dr. Askim has been able to keep his fundamental love of music alive despite the fact that it has become his professional career. This is something that all of his students, including myself, are encouraged with in a way that makes us find a deeper meaning, and thus a deeper appreciation for the piece that we are playing.”

“His own passion, and determination are contagious traits that he generously is able to share with practically everyone that he comes into contact with, which ultimately brings out only the utmost best from his students.”

“Peter is without a question the most dedicated and committed teacher in my years of study… His enthusiasm and patience are relentless in sharing his immense knowledge and love for music with his students.”

“This last week was very rewarding and an amazing experience. Each day was filled with practicing, coachings, and collaborations with other talented artists. One of the highlights of the Institute was being able to play in a masterclass with Matt Haimovitz. Also, playing in the chamber orchestra and being able to learn and experience music that was unfamiliar and new to me was enjoyable and rewarding. Throughout this last week I was able get musical advice and tips that were much needed and will help me throughout my musical career. This experience was very valuable.”
– Cellist, University of Nevada Las Vegas

“It was a collection of the most wonderful musicians and down-to-earth people. Everyone had the best time…Everyone worked so hard and all mentioned how Peter’s coaching benefitted them in so many ways: he really changed our way of thinking. The orchestra concert was fantastic, some real music was made – a standing ovation at the end! I’ve left the institute with some lovely new friends, and feeling incredibly motivated and happy.”
– Violinist, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

“I am a cellist who recently attended the inaugural Institute at Music Mountain. It was a beautiful and successful week, during which I was able to collaborate with Peter Askim, a truly inspiring music director. I wish to express here my unyielding support for him and for his dream to provide a musical haven for aspiring musicians. This is particularly important to me as I have been unable to attend music festivals for several years due to financial constraints. That Peter made it his priority to raise enough funds to provide substantial scholarships to participants is something that I will never take for granted… From performing Schubert’s Cello Quintet to a masterclass with Matt Haimovitz; from working tirelessly with Peter for a week to a culminating performance that kicked off the 2013 season at Music Mountain, it was all a beautiful experience filled with youthful love.

This festival provided me with one of those rare paradigm shifts that illuminates the simple answers to a meaningful life which can so easily be covered up in the muck of daily life. It has re-energized me, reawakened my creativity, and reaffirmed, despite the overwhelming odds against me, why I do what I do.”
– Cellist, Columbia University, Manhattan School of Music